Choosing a hotel in Varadero. Cuba.

When Christopher Columbus first entered the land of Cuba, he, struck by the beauty of the places that surround him, uttered his famous words: “I have never seen anything more beautiful in my life!» Varadero is easy to describe in one word — the beach. 20 km of snow-white sandy beach, the warm waters of […]

Naples: what the city offers its guests for free

Naples is rich in attractions, many of which tourists can visit for free. In the list of the most significant is, of course, Castel del Ovo Castle, which is rightfully considered a symbol of Naples. This medieval fortress on an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea is connected by a narrow embankment to Naples. It is

Secrets of Perfect Vacation Photos

Good photos are not an accident at all, but a set of rules that are effective not only for owners of impeccable appearance. In the midst of vacations, I especially want to take photos that everyone would be delighted with. We offer you several ways to increase your own photogenicity, as well as new successful

Deposits in UAE hotels are not mandatory

Customers have the right to refuse a deposit upon check-in.In this case, they can close the minibar in the room, block paid phone calls from the room; they will have to pay bills for additional meals and other services at the hotel immediately, and not at check-in or at the end of their stay. The

Top 5 most interesting places for tourism in Stockholm

Gamla Stan The old Town in Stockholm, or, as it is called in Swedish, “Gamla Stan”, is one of the largest medieval districts preserved in Europe, and the most basic the historical landmark of Stockholm. Walking along it, you plunge into the atmosphere of unique and inimitable architectural structures, cathedrals, monuments and sculptures that have

Greece has everything, but how to navigate it?

We have prepared a cheat sheet in this area especially for you. Greece offers various opportunities and options for guests of all ages: vacations with children, vacations with friends, youth holidays, excursions, cruises, pilgrimages, shopping, wedding trips, thermal resorts, medical tourism, real estate tours. For youth recreation, resorts with a large number of bars, nightclubs

Enjoy the views of Paris

Enjoy the views from the terraces at the palaces of Paris. What could be more pleasant than sitting on a sunny terrace in warm weather and enjoying a delicious lunch, wines and views? Stylish and cozy, original and designer, panoramic and surrounded by greenery. Where else should you hide in the midday heat or spend

Turkish Airlines is pleased to announce the new STOPOVER IN ISTANBUL service

Since June 1, 2017, Turkish Airlines has been providing its passengers with a new service – free hotel accommodation as part of the Stopover in Istanbul program. Basic rules for providing the service: — The service is valid for tickets issued starting from June 1, 2017. — Departure must be carried out from Russia (VKO,

What can I take in my hand luggage on the plane. Updated Rules 2017

In 2017, new rules for carrying hand luggage on an airplane were released. Read this list carefully so as not to get into an unpleasant situation!  Ignorance of such subtleties, alas, can overshadow your rest. Food products You can bring any food on board the aircraft, with the exception of liquid and jelly-like food. You


During the year, residents and visitors of France will experience exceptional moments. Music, dance, painting, sculpture, modern art, architecture, theater or circus fill the streets and museums, castles and unforgettable gardens, UNESCO monuments and major cities. CALENDAR OF MAJOR EVENTS IN FRANCE JULY-DECEMBER 2017: JULY 01-27 ▸ Festival “Journey through Nantes” | LANDS OF THE

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