Naples: what the city offers its guests for free

Naples: what the city offers its guests for free

Naples is rich in attractions, many of which tourists can visit for free.

In the list of the most significant is, of course, Castel del Ovo Castle, which is rightfully considered a symbol of Naples. This medieval fortress on an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea is connected by a narrow embankment to Naples. It is assumed that it was here in the VI century BC that the Greek colonists founded the city. In the Roman era, the commander Lucullus built his villa here. For centuries, only monks lived on the island. It was only under Robert of Anjou that Castel del Ovo became a real castle. It got its name for its unusual shape (according to another version, because of the magic egg hidden under the castle by Virgil).

Fontanelle Cemetery is considered the most mysterious place in Naples. He has a long and dark history. The cemetery is located in natural caves at the foot of Motherday Hill. In the XVI century, criminals, plague victims, and residents were buried here. It was only in 1872 that the tradition of caring for nameless skulls arose. They were given names, decorated with flowers, and prayed for the deceased. A small church dedicated to the Holy Mother of God of the Carmelites was built at the entrance to the cave.

The Cathedral of Naples, consecrated in honor of the patron saint of the city St. Januarius, is located on Via Duomo, in the historical center of the city. Its main value is the Chapel of St. Januarius. The main relic is kept in the crypt of the cathedral — a vessel with the blood of St. Nicholas. Januaria.

Also in the list of free places for tourists to visit, we note the following attractions:
— The National Library, founded in 1700
— Virgil’s grave in a small park near Mergellina station
— The Observatory on Capodimonte Hill
— Church of Gesu Nuovo — a masterpiece of Baroque art
— Church of San Domenico Maggiore in the historical center of Naples, built in 1283-1324, part of the former Dominican monastery
— Basilica of San Francesco di Paola on Plebiscite squares
— Numerous natural parks of the city:   Capodimonte, Floridiana, Virgiliano, Poggio, Posilippo, Botanical Garden.
— Dozens of panoramic platforms:   The bastions of Sant’Elmo, the Belvedere of San Martino, the Promenade of Caracciolo

Welcome to Naples!

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