Exotic experiences in Abu Dhabi

Exotic experiences in Abu Dhabi

Exotic experiences in Abu Dhabi

Every person, going on a trip, wants to get certain emotions and impressions from a vacation. We recommend that you travel to the most Exotic and main of the seven Arab Emirates – Abu Dhabi. Luxury hotels, luxury palace hotels such as the Emirates Palace, whose decoration consists of gold and crystal, a giant Ferrari amusement park, its own Formula 1 tracks, the white glitter of diamonds, the smells of expensive perfumes and spices……

In the evening sky of Abu Dhabi, you can see how the minerals and the dome of the largest Grand Mosque in the world, Sheikh Zayed, glow – this is a truly fascinating sight.

Exotic experiences in Abu Dhabi

Tourists can travel around the Emirate by taxi or rent a car, the roads here are ideal, everyone follows the traffic rules. Abu Dhabi is recognized as one of the safest territories in the world.

Just 15 minutes by boat and you will find yourself on the island of Sir Bani Yas – where the Sheikh Al-Jaraf Palace and a unique wildlife sanctuary are located. There are about 10 thousand wild animals on the island. During a jeep ride, you can see Arabian oryx, gazelles, cheetahs, giraffes, hyenas … and even the smallest part of the inhabitants of the island.

Exotic experiences in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi hosts “significant” events such as Formula 1 or camel racing — for fans of the exotic — you will not see such greenery anywhere else in the world!

For shopping lovers, there are round–the-clock malls in the Emirate, such as Marina Mall, Mushrif Mall, Abu Dhabi Mall, Al Raha Mall, Khalidiyah Mall – collections are purchased in full, which allows you to expand the range of goods that you will not find even in Europe.

The beaches in Abu Dhabi are also beautiful — fine velvety sand, coral origin. There are cafes, shops, sports and playgrounds on each beach. But for those who like a secluded holiday in Abu Dhabi, there are wild beaches on the protected island of Bahrain.

Go on vacation to the numerous exotic islands of Abu Dhabi! Russian tourists are welcome here! Moreover, now there are no problems with obtaining a visa. Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi Airport, you will receive a retinal scan and a stamp in your passport.

Abu Dhabi is one of those paradisiacal places where eternal summer and where people and animals live on this piece of land in rare harmony.

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