Mauritius — 5 best ways to have fun at sea

Mauritius is just a paradise island for those who dream of fully enjoying the beauties of the Indian Ocean, feeling like a brave explorer of the underwater world, catching exotic fish or riding a jet ski through the waves and under them. We offer you the 5 best ways to have fun at sea — […]

Castles of Japan — visit the country of samurai, sakura and maples

Japan is famous for cherry blossoms, tea ceremony, sophisticated geisha and harsh samurai. Samurai castles are the real architectural wonders of this unique country. There are about 50 castles in modern Japan, but most of these castles were rebuilt after fires, devastating earthquakes and the bombing of World War II. The same castles that were

In search of fantastic creatures and coral beauties — Malaysia

If you’ve seen everything-on land and at sea, we invite you underwater! Diving and snorkeling on the islands of Malaysia is an incredible adventure that will amaze with its splendor. Sipadan Sipadan Island, 500 meters long and 200 meters wide, formed by living corals that have grown on an extinct volcano for many thousands of

Consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty

The New York Times publishes an interesting text with the main thesis: the consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty. We say the digital economy, and we mean the service economy for the poor. You are poor if your doctor consults you over the Internet, and not during a face-to-face meeting.Poor if your

Travel after COVID-19

Georgy Alexandrov said: “Travel helps to understand the beauty of space and the pricelessness of time.” COVID-19 made us realize that the very opportunity to travel is priceless. Just a few months ago, we were living in a reality in which traveling was as accessible as going to the cinema. Just a few months ago,

We are spending a vacation in Abu Dhabi

A city built in the desert is a real architectural and technological miracle. Abu Dhabi is a unique pearl of the Arab Emirates, their capital, which cannot be neglected. Abu Dhabi is strikingly different from other emirates, has its own unique charm. The tallest building in the world has not been built here, but you

Our main directions are

Sometimes it is very difficult to decide which country to choose for a vacation. Someone dreams of wild jungles, someone dreams of walking among skyscrapers, for others a vacation is impossible without the sea and the beach. Life still limits the imagination of travelers to a list of countries that have opened their borders to

TOP 100 best hotels in the world

This year’s World’s Best Awards poll ended on March 2, shortly before many travelers were forced to become stay-at-home due to COVID-19. The results reflect the experience of tourists before the pandemic. We hope that this year’s laureates will inspire you to travel further — when they are possible. World’s Best Awards – based on

About Maldives with love

Maldives is a real paradise on earth, a land of eternal summer, white sand, azure sea and tropical greenery. Maldives is synonymous with a serene holiday, leisurely, full of bliss. They come back here again and again – to a luxurious villa with a transparent floor, through which it is so interesting to watch fish,

The Instagrammed Maldives is a paradise between the sky and the ocean

We bring pleasant memories, souvenirs from the trip – and, of course, photos. If you want your Instagram to become the object of envy and admiration, go to the Maldives, one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Snow–white sand, azure ocean waters and bright tropical greenery are the perfect background for any photo. Each

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