Consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty

Consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty

The New York Times publishes an interesting text with the main thesis: the consumption of digital services is a sign of poverty. We say the digital economy, and we mean the service economy for the poor.

You are poor if your doctor consults you over the Internet, and not during a face-to-face meeting.Poor if your children study online and not with offline teachers.Poor if you buy goods online, and not in a beautiful store in the city center.

Recent events clearly do not contribute to improving the solvency of the population. This means that digital technologies and automation will be in demand more among these masses of the population.The author of the article, Nelly Bowlers, goes further and states that there is a luxerization of human relations.

If you still receive services from living people or have the opportunity to communicate with them, then most likely you are a representative of the new elite, whose prestigious consumption consists in abandoning digital services in favor of offline ones.If a computer program tells you that you are dying, it means that you are dying like a poor man in the digital economy.

For the rich, communicating with people — living without a phone during the day, logging out of social networks and not answering emails —has become a status symbol.

This has led to a curious new reality: human contact is becoming an elite product.

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