Which Dominican Republic resort is right for you

Which Dominican Republic resort is right for you

Dominican Republic… luxurious snow-white beaches, palm trees, huge green hotel areas, gentle sea and “all inclusive” — what else do tourists who miss the sun need? But in order for your vacation to be perfect for you, you need to take into account not only the peculiarities of the country, but also the unique features of the resort you are planning to go to. Otherwise, a family hoping for a calm, relaxed vacation risks finding itself in the very center of a bustling nightlife, and the company of young people is among European pensioners who crave peace and quiet. Choose your resort, and we will help you.
1. Santo Domingo
is a resort that is suitable for all categories of tourists. The capital is the business, political and historical center of the country. There are a lot of attractions, elite restaurants, nightclubs, wonderful shopping. George Washington Avenue (which is better known as El Malecon) is home to most hotels and tourist attractions. In addition to city hotels, you can stay in hotels on the coast. There are large national parks and reserves in the vicinity of the city, of great interest are: Fort San Diego, the Alcazar de Colon Palace (“Fortress of Columbus”), Fort Concepcion, the palaces of Casa del Duarte and Casa Borgella, the ensemble of colonial buildings of Atarazana and the oldest paved street of the New World — Calle -des las Damas.

2. Punta Cana
is the most famous resort in the Dominican Republic, suitable for all categories of tourists, especially for families with children. A large coastline, 32 km long. The hotels, which are hidden in lush tropical thickets, operate on an All-inclusive system, first-class service and an interesting entertainment program are waiting for vacationers. The Eyes Ecological Park will be interesting for visitors of all ages, because the park boasts a vast territory and 500 species of exotic animals.
3. Boca Chica
It is believed that one of the best beaches in the Dominican Republic is located here. This is an ideal resort for families with children, divers, windsurfers, for lovers of solitude and newlyweds. The sea has a shallow depth and a gentle entrance. In Boca Chica, you can also practice tennis, rafting, participate in sailing regattas or go on a jeep safari. We recommend sailing to the islands of Los Pinos and La Matica, the first is famous for its rather dense thickets, and the second for its mangroves, between which you can swim by boat.

4. Puerto Plata
is an ideal option for those who want to soak up the Atlantic Ocean. The best hotels of the Republic are located in this resort, surrounded by magnificent landscapes. Here you will find excellent service and well-developed infrastructure. The hotels offer their guests a lot of entertainment, such as a golf course, restaurants, horseback riding and much more.
5. Juan Doli
This is a seaside resort, where three- and four-star hotels are located, which are located on the Caribbean coast. This is an ideal place for trips to the Capital, there are a large number of open-air restaurants. There is always calm water in Juan Doli, as coral reefs protect the coastline well from waves. Among the activities at the resort, you can go diving, snorkeling and rafting, or go on a jeep safari. The only caveat is that on weekends there are a large number of residents of Santo Domingo on public beaches.

6. La Romana
Resort for those who like a relaxing holiday, couples and diving enthusiasts. There are no special attractions here, but exceptional cleanliness is the main feature of the local beaches. La Roman offers such entertainment as a boat trip to Catalina Island, a trip on excursions to Santo Domingo, Los Aitises National Park or to the Samana Peninsula or Cayo Levantado, to participate in a jeep safari.
7. The Samana Peninsula
is a wonderful option for lovers of individual recreation. It is suitable for both a relaxing family holiday and for youth companies. There is untouched nature and deserted beaches. Waterfalls, caves, coconut groves, wonderful beaches. It is on this peninsula that you can see dolphins and manatees, even humpback whales. From entertainment, you can visit Los Haitises National Park and get unusual sensations: swim in an underground lake under the squeak of bats, looking at ancient rock carvings on cave walls, go to the mountains.
8. Bayaibe
is a good option for couples who prefer a relaxing holiday, as well as diving enthusiasts. The sea here is completely calm, clean beaches and azure waters of the Caribbean Sea.The beach of the same name (Bayahibe) is the most popular beach of the resort, it can be quite busy here. Dominicus Beach is ideal for lovers of silence.Here you can go scuba diving, equestrian sports, tennis, go big fish hunting or boat trips around the islands, half a trip to Santo Domingo and Los Aitises National Park.
9. Cap Cana
is a brand new Dominican resort that is rapidly gaining momentum and developing due to investments in its development by Donald Trump. All the entertainment, and everything that is in this resort, is marked with the prefix “Luxury”. There are also golf courses here, for example, the first-class Punta Espada golf course, for three consecutive years the pretentious PGA championship and a yacht port were held here. Accommodation in luxury villas and bungalows with a private beach, saltwater pools, first-class SPA and fitness centers are offered by Luxury hotels known all over the world — Villas Caleton, Fishing Lodge, Sanctuary Cap Cana Golf & Spa, Golden Bear Lodge and Eden Roc Boutique Hotel.

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