Which one would you like to visit?

Now it is difficult to surprise a traveler with anything, except for restaurants, bars and hotels built on the surface of the Moon. In recent years, underwater restaurants, where visitors are invited to combine dinner with admiring marine life, have begun to appear actively around the world.  We present to your attention the hotels in […]

COSTA CRUISES to go to Maldives

The leading European cruise company Costa Cruises has announced cruises and the Maldives starting in November 2017. Costa will offer cruise options for 3 nights and 7 nights.Tourists can choose a three-night cruise from the Maldives to Colombo or from Cochin (India) to the Maldives. And also for 7 nights from Mumbai to the Maldives.

7 reasons to relax in Dubai

Dubai is perhaps one of the most interesting cities in the world – an ultra-modern metropolis, five-star hotels on the border with the desert, exoticism and progress, the world’s tallest skyscrapers and artificial islands of perfect shape, Bedouins and camels. Recently, the Euromonitor International agency officially named Dubai one of the 10 main tourist centers

How to celebrate the New Year in the United Arab Emirates?

A huge number of tourists from all over the world are eager to celebrate the New Year in Dubai — to see the famous fireworks at the Burj Khalifa Tower and the Palm Juieira and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an amazing holiday! The main nuance is that a lot of people gather in

What to do in Zanzibar

For some people, Africa is a dream, for others it is synonymous with unexplored worlds. Even to the most sophisticated traveler, the African island of Zanzibar will seem like a real paradise. TOP 20 things that just need to be done on the island of Zanzibar. 1. Visit the Stone City.The oldest part of the

Mexico introduces an environmental tax

From October 1, 2017 The government of the state of Quintana Roo is introducing a new Environmental tax in hotels on the Riviera Maya and in Playa del Carmen in the amount of $20.00 (about $ 1) per night per room.This tax will be aimed at preserving the natural beauty of the region and turning

TOP 8 places in Dubai for an unforgettable Oriental shopping experience

The United Arab Emirates is famous for its luxury and ultramodern attractions, which include huge shopping malls. Dubai has long been known as one of the world’s main shopping centers, there are about 100 shopping malls, which have a lot of entertainment for family holidays, and a huge number of traditional bazaars. We have prepared

Holiday menus and surprises on Emirates flights

The return of the holiday menu This December, Emirates is pleased to once again offer customers traditional holiday treats. Economy Class passengers can try turkey rolls with cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes, Viennese chicken sausages and seasonal vegetables. For dessert, traditional sweets such as lemon-cranberry cake with cream cheese frosting, chocolate cake with white chocolate crumbs

13 reasons to escape from winter to Bali

Who among us has not dreamed of missing the cold snowy winter? And what would you say if we offered you a trip to a magical land, the land of eternal summer, where the trees are always green, the beaches are full of life, and the jungle is full of exotic animals?We begin the story


At some point in life, everyone wants to go to the Bahamas. This is a world-famous tourist destination and, of course, not without good reason. We have prepared for you the TOP 11 attractions that you can visit in this paradise for travelers. You will see the rest for yourself when you decide to visit

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